Introducing Mechanism Capital

September 8, 2020

Who we are

Born and raised through the digital revolution and educated in online forums, we are children of the internet. We have never met each other in meat space, only in the metaverse. We connected through various online crypto communities and are bound together by a shared vision of a future that is revolutionized by programmable value, fueled by permissionless innovation, and governed by popular sovereignty. 

At our core is a relentless focus on mechanism design. We have witnessed firsthand how design models can make or break decentralized protocols, and we believe that it is vital to critically analyze the complex economic structures that underlie these fledgling systems. 

Our mission

While we are interested in all aspects of the crypto ecosystem, our primary focus is in DeFi – Decentralized Finance (sometimes also fondly referred to as Degenerate Finance). Our main goals are as follows:

1. Support the buildout of completely new financial systems and applications on public blockchains

2. Advance the field’s understanding of cryptoasset value capture, incentives and mechanism design

We will accomplish these goals by providing direct funding, building ecosystem tools, producing public research, and participating actively in decentralized governance. We do not have outside investors, so we have the flexibility to invest in unconventional ideas and the ability to commit financial and human capital to support the ecosystem from day one.

We believe that permissionless value-transfer networks will lead to an unprecedented era of rapid financial innovation. We invite you to build it with us.